Bondarenko Stepan Timofeevich

The surgeon of a brush. Actual member of the Society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic Surgeons of Russia. Physician of higher category. Over 40-years conducts complex operation to restore the functions of the brush. Owns the entire arsenal of Microsurgical technique to repair nerves, blood vessels and tendons of the brush.

Kim Natalia Ivanovna

Doctor-dermatologist and cosmetologist.  Is a certified specialist in the use of Botox and Disport and  one of several doctors who saves the problem of  Hyperhidrosis (increased sweating). Knows all the methods of contour plastics. Applicable knowledge in therapy, dermatology, physiotherapy, cosmetology, electrosurgery and cryosurgery allow to solve the most difficult problems for working with the skin.

Polymskaya Svetlana Anatolyevna

Doctor-dermatologist and cosmetologist.  Is expert in area of treatment for problematic skin, the use of chemical peelings and injection techniques. Long time practicable activities allows to diagnose pathological skin condition and to proposr effective treatment for patients.

Salikaeva Julia Olegovna

The doctor-therapist. Candidate of medical sciences.
Deputy of head physician on medical part.

Trusov Vladimir Borisovich

Psychiatrist. Psychotherapist. Candidate of medical sciences. Specialist in saving the problems of excess weight.
Leading therapeutic groups in Russia, Germany  and Kazakhstan.

Yurovskaya Yevgenia Mikhailovna

Psychiatrist. Psychotherapist. Candidate of medical sciences.
Specialist in the individual and family psychotherapy.









Isakov Vitaliy Grigoryevich

Certified specialist with higher medical education. Conducts various kinds of massages: classical, anti-cellulite, relaxing. Also conducts 10-day course within  1.5 hours with elements refleksogennogo, anti-cellulite, honey, canned,  lymph drainage massage, stone and aromatherapy.  For men  - acupressure to increase potency.